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Download these free ringtones created by the Ivy Granger audiobook production team, and take your favorite Ivy Granger characters with you wherever you go.

FREE Ivy Granger Series Ringtones


Download Sir Torn Ringtone
"Whatever, Fish Breath"

Download Ceff Ringtone
"I believe Ivy requires coffee"

Download Ivy Ringtone
"Let's go kick some Huntsman ass"

Download Marvin Ringtone
"Don't worry, I protect you"

Download Jinx Ringtone
"Holy wow, right?"

Download Sparky Ringtone
"Jingle Bellls! Jingle Bellls!"

Need help downloading?  Follow the link to the ringtone you want.  On the SoundCloud page, click the "...More" Button, click Download.  Repeat.  Enjoy.  Click the "Share" button to tell your friends.

Need help setting as a ringtone?  After downloading the file to your phone, you may need to move the file from your downloads folder to the ringtones folder.  Here is a tutorial on wikihow for Android and on SnapGuide for iPhone (skip to step 11).  Once the file is in your ringtones folder, it should show up as an available ringtones in your sound settings.  All Ivy Granger ringtone files begin with "Ivy Granger" so look alphabetically under the letter I.

Free Ivy Granger Ringtones Set Two and Ivy Granger Premium Ringtones coming soon.


Download FREE Ivy Granger wallpapers.

Download Birthright Wallpaper
Download Club Nexus Wallpaper

Download Shadow Sight Wallpaper


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Ivy Granger Series Audiobooks
The entire Ivy Granger series is now available in audiobook on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.  We'll rotate sample chapters and behind the scenes audio here.  You can also listen to samples on

Listen to the first chapter from the HOUND'S BITE audiobook and unleash The Wild Hunt!

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Ever wonder how a narrator creates character's unique voice?  Want a glimpse behind the scenes of an Ivy Granger #audiobook?  Anthony Bowling gives an entertaining explanation of how he created Torn's voice for the Ivy Granger series.

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Craven Street - Sample


Take a trip to Bruges or Harborsmouth with gorgeous animated book cover videos.  Watch a few times to find all of the effects!
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With the Aurasma App, the Ivy Granger book covers are becoming interactive.  Download the FREE app (Android, iOS) to play.

Point your device at an Ivy Granger book cover to see the world with Ivy Granger's second sight (and unlock content).  This works with the Ebooks, Trade Paperbacks, and online images.

View the hooded rider on the Hound's Bite Book Cover with Ivy Granger's second sight!

Have an idea for an Ivy Granger freebie you'd like to see here in the future?  Let me know!


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